Green Ideas

IMG_1362Going green started very simply – we put recycling bins in the house and switched to the smallest garbage can. Then we exchanged all of our light bulbs for compact fluorescent lights, installed new double pane windows, insulated our garage doors and purchased a new heating and cooling system for greater energy efficiency. In 2008 we installed a solar array on our roof — generating almost enough power to be self-sufficient year-round. This Net Zero system generates clean electric power that feeds the grid for California and has paid for itself.
When you decide to go green, start by switching to environmentally-friendly printing, which uses electronic proofs, soy inks and recycled paper that includes post-consumer waste. We can also make your printed pieces interactive with QR codes that link smart-phones directly to special offers on your website. This enables you to track the effectiveness of your printed material when viewers go to your website. Then we create a website to match your brochure and use it as an additional employee to advertise your services. Websites work 24/7 to display your business in the most effective manner. We can set up interactive pages that provide up to the minute information and gather information from prospective clients so you can contact them in person.